Types of Communication

Types Of Communication That Work in Every Situation

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Types of communication

February 6th, 2009 by admin

Types of communication come in many guises….

  • Language Log » Anti-Latin P.C. poppycock – November 4, 2008 @ 12:51 pm · Filed by Geoffrey K. Robert James Hargrave has pointed out to Language Log that several regional councils in England are prohibiting their employees from using “elitist” Latinate phrases like “bona fide” or “vice versa” The Daily Telegraph has an article about it. Bournemouth Council, which has the Latin motto Pulchritudo et Salubritas, meaning beauty and health, has listed 19 terms it no longer considers acceptable for use.

  • » Communication dynamics: Discussion boards, weblogs and the … – Online learning environments (OLEs) are now critical to teaching and learning across Australian higher education. Their influence impacts on the availability of content, the design of courses and, perhaps most pedagogically significantly, the nature of communication. The discussion board is the ubiquitous communication tool within these OLEs and hence significantly shapes the kind of communication that takes place.

  • The ethic of interactivity « BuzzMachine – Let’s pull up from the fur-flying fray over WashingtonPost. com pulling down blog comments that attacked rookie ombudser Deborah Howell thanks to her misguided attempt at balancing a scandal (see full coverage and great links on Jay Rosen’s Press Think; see also Umair Haque’s attempt to give big, old media an attitudectomy). But they will be judged by their interactivity.

  • 6 Steps To Bake SEO Into The Web Design Process – Despite tough economic times, and advertising budgets being pulled back in almost every sector I know of, companies are still recognizing the need to be different to stand out from the competition in such bleak times. Many of the prospects I’ve spoken to in the recent past have told me that they intend to get a fresh look by revamping their website, but of course, SEO wasn’t baked into that process. In fact, I’ve one lead even told me to call him back in 6 months, once the design was done so we could revisit SEO for his site.

  • UK Government punts ads on YouTube | Open (minds, finds … – Latest one comes courtesy of Drew B who points out that the Cabinet Office has posted two public information films. They’re not hugely fascinating but you can take a look at them here and here. Between them they have had about 160 views and have two subscribers so far.

  • Measuring Social Media Marketing It’s Easier than you Think – We all remember from Marketing 101, that the ability to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities and calculating ROI is imperative to a company’s go-to-market strategy. While it is quite easy to measure ROI with most traditional marketing channels like print, radio and even search marketing; it’s much more difficult to measure ROI from social media marketing. In fact, just a few months ago; Comscore announced a research and development initiative that is designed to provide comprehensive measurement of conversational media such as blogs, wikis and community-driven social media sites.

  • comment on pre-written emails to the rescue by simplify how you … – i use a mac and love textexpander for this task. windows users, you might take a look at this solution from lifehacker. there’s also a program with both pc and mac versions called quickeys. i haven’t tried it but duct tape marketing’s …

  • Facebook now lets you create lists of friends, for easier messaging – facebooklist12.png Many people have wanted a better way of organizing their growing numbers of Facebook friends into specific groups. Today, you can start doing that. The new advantages of these lists: You can message a list instead of …

  • Why Facebook Will Die – Currently, most online social networks center on one-to-many types of communication, where users “blast” messages out to their friends. This was way cool for awhile, and probably still is for anyone who’s just discovering it. …

 Types of communication
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Different types of communication in the work place...?

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